Maven Historical Data

Maven Historical Data is a plugin to the automated build tool Maven. Historical Data adds the ability to record and graph build metrics over time. Data is recorded to a database and can then be plotted as part of the automatically generated website.

How it works

You specify the xml report file that contains the data that should be recorded and an XPath expression that captures the data (see Properties for more details.)

Maven Historical Data contains goals to:

  • Record user specified values from each maven build to a database. To start using this:
  • Create a report from previously recorded values. A chart that shows how the number of tests for different packages have changed over time might look like this:

    Generated Chart

    To start generating reports add:
    to the reports section of your project.xml file.



 maven -Dmaven.repo.remote=, -DartifactId=maven-historical-plugin -DgroupId=historical -Dversion=1.0b2-SNAPSHOT plugin:download
to install the plugin.

See the Goals documentation to see how to invoke the plugin.

Building from source

If you want to build from source, then you need to:

  1. get the source code from the CVS repository as described in the Source Repository section.
  2. download JTA from Sun. This dependency can't be mirrored at ibiblio for licensing issues. Download the "Class Files X.Y.Z" from and rename it to jta-1.4.jar and put it in jta/jars in your maven repository.