Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 13 Total Number of Files Changed: 19

2005-04-06 08:02:36Bjorn Martensson

xdocs/index.xml v 1.11

Added instructions for downloading JTA.
2005-04-05 22:04:46Bjorn Martensson

src/java/uk/co/concise/maven/ v 1.2

src/test/uk/co/concise/maven/ v 1.2

src/test/uk/co/concise/maven/dashboard.xml v 1.1

Fixed bug 1169310. Attributes can now be used to specify labels/values. Also added catch for NumberFormatException: if a label doesn't have a valid value, then it is not recorded.
2005-04-05 21:28:06Bjorn Martensson v 1.3

xdocs/properties.xml v 1.3

Reverted back to previous default properties.
2005-04-05 08:39:59Bjorn Martensson v 1.2

xdocs/properties.xml v 1.2

Updated the default properties.
2005-04-04 23:10:44Bjorn Martensson

xdocs/index.xml v 1.10

Corrected install command.
2005-04-04 22:33:08Bjorn Martensson

project.xml v 1.15

Corrected my sourceforge id.
2005-04-04 22:33:22Bjorn Martensson

src/java/uk/co/concise/maven/hdc/report/ v 1.4

Corrected JavaDoc.
2005-04-04 22:19:21Bjorn Martensson

xdocs/index.xml v 1.9

Clarified how the plugin works.
2005-04-04 22:10:04Bjorn Martensson

xdocs/index.xml v 1.8

Added description of what the plugin does.
2005-04-04 22:09:30Bjorn Martensson

project.xml v 1.14

Corrected value for dependency-report.
2005-04-04 21:08:33Bjorn Martensson

project.xml v 1.13

Added download instructions for jta.
2005-04-04 21:02:12Bjorn Martensson

.classpath v 1.7 v 1.8

project.xml v 1.12

Updated dependencies.
2005-04-04 21:00:37Bjorn Martensson

src/java/uk/co/concise/maven/hdc/report/ v 1.3

Removed redundant import of color.